~~~You've Entered BeastWares' World of Sartorial Sparkle!~~~

Oh haaaayyyyy. It's SO on. Let's throw a sale and have a party.
BeastWares is a tiny line of epic clothing, handmade in California and Oregon. I make clothes for the weird kids. I believe every single person has an inner rock-star, as well as an inner child. Sometimes a childish rock star.
Come play?
PLEASE NOTE: I have entered the black hole of screaming hilarity otherwise known as Art Grad School. Thusly, things will be a bit weird for the duration: I won't have as much available stock or custom work, as I won't have the time to do much made-to-order work (MUCH, not ANY-- please email me if you have a project in mind).
Please bear with me and feel free to email me if you are looking for something particular. Follow the blog or the instagram if you'd like to watch this journey of madness unfold.